Futurist Artist 

Hall of Fame UC Irvine Engineering 2019

Height:  6’4”                                                                                Weight: 180 lbs.                                                                 

Hair: Black                                                                                          Eyes: Hazel                                                                                                   


Feature Film

^^^Overwhelm the Sky                         'Vik Ghatak' (supporting)                               Daniel Kremer

Distant Future Symposium                    'Jonah Samadhi' (lead)                                      Jon Bernson

Devised                                                'Othello Khan' (lead)                                         Rob Nilsson

^^Love Twice                                        'Suri Venkateshwara' (supporting)                     Rob Nilsson

***A Bridge to a Border                        ‘Dr. Ray Satyajit’ (supporting)                            Rob Nilsson

**A Leap to Take                                  ‘Govinda’ (supporting)                                       Rob Nilsson

Star Trek (2009)                                   ‘Cadet at Trial’ (featured)                                   J.J. Abrams


Are we Dancer?                                     As Himself                                                      Rachel Silveria

Short Film

****happyangrysad                               'Dr. Williams' (lead)                                             Dave Brown

Carpe                                                    ‘William’  (lead)                                             Kristin Weiland

The Escapee V.1                                  ‘Escapee’  (lead)                                                Andrew Greer

Dandelion Pie                                       ‘Boy’   (lead)                                                  S. Scarlet Wilde

Blocked                                                 ‘William’ (lead)                                               Andrew Greer

Code Orange                                         ‘Prisoner’ (lead)                                            Robbie Gomez

*Next Round                                         ‘Basketball Player’ (supporting)                     Sunny Menon


That Just Happened (pilot)                   'Rik Krishnan' (supporting)                           Leah Diamond

Friends of a Higher Power #24             ‘The Doctor’ (lead)                                   Dennis Sakamoto

Left Foot, Right Foot (pilot)                   ‘Cop’ (supporting)                          Hamish Robert Johnson


Antiprism                                            'Jonah Samadhi'                   Jon Bernson/de Young Museum

Necromance – The Quickies Festival   ‘Tony’ (lead)              Liz Anderson/Piano Fight Productions

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest       ‘Chief Bromden’                             Santa Clara High School

Nachiketa                                              ‘Nachiketa’                             Bay Area Telugu Association


Stan Roth                                             Cold Reading "Up On Your Feet"             SF Acting Academy

Dennis Sakamoto                                 Camera Acting Training                                 Just for Actors

Joan Mankin                                         Physical Comedy                                   Berkeley Repertory

Elyse Shafarman & Lisa-Anne Porter   Alexander Tech. & Linklater Voice           Berkeley Repertory

Rowan Brooks                                      On-Camera Auditions                                    Hayes Casting

Darcy Marta, Jeffrey Weissman           Film/TV Acting Advanced        SF Professional Actors Studio

Ann Feehan, Brady Lea                       Improv Sundays                                                Voice One SF

Elaine Clark                                          Teleprompter Coaching                                  Voice One SF

Cindy Goldfield                                     Working Actors Workout                           42nd St. Moon SF

Kimberly Jentzen                                 Cold Reading Intensive                       Living the Art Institute    


^^^ San Francisco IndieFest 2019 - World Premiere

^^ Mill Valley 2016 Film Festival - World Premiere

**** Visionaria 2015 International Film Festival (Siena, Italy)

*** Mill Valley Film Festival 2014- World Premiere

** Moscow International Film Festival 2013- World Premiere

* Cannes 2008 Short Film Corner